6.001 Spring 2003: Getting help

For specific help with homework, see the Lab assistants on duty in the 6.001 lab. The lab is open 24 hours a day, and we we will be adjusting staffing hours in the lab in response to student demand. It is to your advantage to start the problem set early, and not wait until Thursday night. The lab staffing hours for the semester are currently planned to be as follows (although this may change as we measure the load in the lab):
Sunday 4 PM - midnight
Monday 4 PM - midnight
Tuesday 5 PM - midnight
Wednesday 4 PM - midnight
Thursday 4 PM - 2 AM
Friday noon - 6 PM
Saturday not staffed

You can also email 6001-help@mit.edu.

If you need information on how to install and setup Scheme on your computer at home, here is some information.

If you feel that you are getting lost, cannot understand the statement of a problem, have a gripe about the way things are being done, or have any other problem that we might be able to help with, please get in touch with your tutor or recitation instructor.

Screams should be brought to the attention of the lecturers.

Problems of an administrative nature should be brought to the attention of the course secretary.

If you need intensive help, you can also request a personal tutor:

  • Course 6 has a Tutoring Program. If you are unable to access this web page (access is restricted to mit.edu), you can directly contact the Course VI Tutoring Program Coordinators - Xuemin Chi: xuemin@mit.edu.
  • There is also another tutoring program called TSR. Contact the Tutorial Services Room, Room 12-124 (x3-8406). Appointments should be made 48 hours in advance.

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