6.001 - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Spring 2003

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Welcome to 6.001!

Friday, May 23: Lambda pins!

If you want a lambda pin, you can stop by my office (400 Tech Square, room 606). Enjoy your summer! ~Jill

Wednesday, May 21: Prizes for the 6.001 project 3 contest

    We had a lot of great submissions for the contest for Project 3, in which you were invited to extend the Object Oriented world in an interesting way. After a lot of agonizing, Prof. Grimson selected the following entries for prizes (which will be distributed at the final exam).
    • Marios Assiotis created a multi-player network version of the game, which allowed multiple players to interact from different machines.
    • Austin Clements created a "telnet in to play" network version of the game, with methods handling errors, and multiple players.
    • Ali Mashtizadeh created a web server to support playing the game in a user-friendly manner.
    • Ebad Ahmed created a dungeon-style fantasy game, to which the avatar is transported after he dies. This world is populated by 20 classes of monsters, though none apparently include 6.001 professors.
    • Marta Luczynska created a fantasy/adventure game, in which the hero must defeat a dragon, and battle a range of foes (ogres, goblins, orcs).
    • Dewong Shavdia created a water world, in which a character first needs to learn to swim, and then can only explore underwater for limited times, unless they find a scuba tank.
    • Ruby Pai created a tennis team, complete with players and matches.
    • Dan Ring created a Scheme God, from whom a programmer could ask and receive advice. Unfortunately the Scheme God will not be available during the final exam!

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